A Unique Approach.   A Special Commitment.   Outstanding Results.

Halpert, Weston & Sawusch, P.C. obtains outstanding legal results because of unsurpassed personal attention and commitment to the people we represent—as people, not “cases.”

The firm has earned a reputation statewide and nationally for legal excellence, as well as passionate tenacity on behalf of the people and families we represent.

We have built our reputation following a unique approach.  We have purposely avoided a large volume practice.  This allows us to know our clients and their needs, challenges, and goals intimately.  We help the people we represent identify and obtain help for medical, psychological, reconstructive, occupational and other personal and important needs.  We remember and understand that our clients have families who have also been impacted by the injuries, losses and changes that accompany serious injury or death of a loved one.

Because we limit the number of cases we accept, we are also able to devote more time and resources to the preparation of each case.  We commit at least two attorneys to each case, and all of our attorneys and staff become actively involved when needed for trial preparations and during trial.  When Halpert, Weston & Sawusch is retained, our clients have retained all of us, and all of our energies, talents, and time to the representation where needed or helpful.  We are an effective and dedicated team, and each of our clients deserves all that our team at Halpert, Weston & Sawusch can give.

We have been called “The Nicest Tough Firm Around” by the national legal publication, The Journal of the American Bar Association

Our lawyers have a 30-year history of obtaining remarkable successes for our clients while caring for them personally.  The firm has obtained record-setting multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients and some of the largest settlements in Michigan history.  We have obtained outstanding results by combining excellent preparation, preeminent knowledge and skill with the passionate and personal belief in our clients’ causes being just and right.

Not every case is a multi-million dollar or record-setting case.  But we devote the time and preparation to every case as though it was.

For more information, as well as client testimonials and general information, go to those pages for ideas that will be helpful in selecting our law firm to represent you in your time of personal tragedy.